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We welcome you to join the Southlake Public Library!

Southlake residents, City Staff, Chamber and Carroll school district members are eligible for free library cards. Other interested parties can become library members with an annual $25 nonresident fee, payable during your first visit to the library.

Online registrations will receive a temporary barcode that will allow immediate access to our digital library for 60 days. Please visit the Library within that time for continued digital library access. Call 817-748-8243 for assistance.

If you would like a Southlake library card, please click here to register now

Please enter your barcode and password. The last 4 digits of your phone number will be your password for your first login. After your initial login, you may change the password. Due to recent security setting adjustments for future credit card payments, you may see changes in how you login to your account.

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